Pakiet Author, author/Thinks…/Therapy

"Author, autor",like Colm Toibin`s "The Master", tells of a particular period of Henry James` life. "Thinks…" – David Lodge`s latest novel, "Thinks…", sees him return to familiar territory. Set in the fictitious University of Gloucester, it tells of Ralph Messenger, womanising cognitive scientist, who sets out to bed Helen Reed, a recently-widowed novelist who arrives on campus to teach a summer writing course. "Therapy" – By all appearances, Laurence Passmore is sitting pretty. True, he is almost bald and his nickname in "Tubby", but the TV sitcom he writes keeps the money coming in, he has an exclusive house in Rummridge, a state-of-the-art car, a vigorous sex life with his wife of thirty years, and a platonic mistress to talk shop with.

Wydawca: Penguin Books
Typ okładki: okładka miękka
Liczba stron: 1052
Wymiary: 13×20 cm
Waga: 795
EAN: 9780140912999
Data wydania: 02-02-2006
Kategorie: książki obcojęzyczne > angielskie

Cena w sklepie: 46.00 zł

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