Land Law, 5th Edition

Land Law provides a clear and straightforward introduction to the basic English land law rules enabling the student to gain a firm grounding in the subject. It uses accessible language, tables and diagrams, and stresses a full understanding of a few important cases rather than a superficial understanding of many. Ample practice and revision material is provided. This fifth edition includes the Land Registration Act 2002 and considers the move towards electronic conveyancing. It also looks at developments in law on adverse possession and on undue influence, with a section on the rules relating to commonhold.

Wydawca: Macmillan
Typ okładki: okładka miękka
Liczba stron: 218
Wymiary: 16×21,5 cm
Waga: 300
EAN: 9781403915986
Data wydania: 03-09-2007
Kategorie: książki obcojęzyczne > angielskie

Cena w sklepie: 74.00 zł

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