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The Politics

In The Politics Aristotle addresses the questions that lie at the heart of political science. How should society be ordered to ensure the happiness of the individual? Which forms of government are best and how should they be maintained? By … Continue reading

The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Archaeology

Here is the most comprehensive, up-to-date, and useful guide to the language of archeology. With more than 4,000 original entries mapping the world of archeological theory and research, this book details the concepts, methods, materials, artifacts, findings, and sites around … Continue reading

Poland Pallas Athena

The vast medieval castles of the Teutonic Knights, primeval forests with Europe`s only bison, untouched Renaissance model towns, lively folk traditions in the Tatra mountains – these are only some of the unexpected treasures awaiting the traveller to Poland. Nevertheless, … Continue reading

Mastering Chemistry, 2nd Edition

Mastering Chemistry has been completely rewritten to embrace the new syllabus changes which have taken place since the first edition was published. It contains all the essential information needed to master Chemistry. The book is presented through a progression of … Continue reading

63 dni życia i walki (wersja angielska)

„63 dni życia i walki” to wyjątkowa publikacja poświęcona bohaterom walki o Polskę, o życie… W 70. rocznicę wybuchu Powstania Warszawskiego oddajemy w ręce czytelników album, stworzony we współpracy z Muzeum Powstania Warszawskiego, zawierający cenne, rzadko publikowane fotografie z tego … Continue reading

Harrap`s Pardon My German! Pocket German slang dictionary

This pocket-sized German slang dictionary gives thorough treatment of the most common words and phrases in current use. An unabashed, unprudish collection of non-standard language from the colloquial to the vulgar, it is the ideal companion for Germanophiles and Germanophobes … Continue reading

Cracow in the European core. Wersja angielska

Niezwykła opowieść o niezwykłym mieście. Profesor Jacek Purchla zabiera czytelnika w podróż w czasie i przestrzeni po królewskim mieście Krakowie, od okresu formowania się metropolii po lata współczesne, od Wawelskiego Wzgórza po bronowickie pola. Dużym atutem książki jest bogaty materiał … Continue reading

City apartments

"If cities were built to the rhythm of music, some buildings would appear to have been with deep, solemn notes and others with light, fantastic airs." – Nathaniel Hawthorne, American novelist and story-teller This book presents various apartment designs, from … Continue reading

Stunning Houses

Książka w języku angielskim. Planujesz przeprowadzkę do nowego domu, szukasz inspiracji i pomysłów? Chcesz wybudować coś naprawdę wyjątkowego, albo po prostu masz ochotę puścić wodze fantazji? STUNNING HOUSES to bogato ilustrowany wybór najbardziej niezwykłych domów wybudowanych w ostatnich latach. Takie … Continue reading

Black Beauty

If you love a good story, then look no further. Oxford Children`s Classics bring together the most unforgettable stories ever told. They`re books to treasure and return to again and again. From his simple beginnings under the shady trees in … Continue reading

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