Engineered Rubber Products. Introduction to design, Manufacture and Testing

The successful manufacture of engineered rubber products is complicated. It involves different disciplines, materials, and types and designs of equipment.
Problems sometimes occur because of less-than-desirable communication among personnel involved in the development and manufacture of rubber products. This book’s intent is to improve communication among different disciplines. Using a systems approach, it is further intended to introduce chemists and engineers to the unique capabilities of rubber in a wide range of tire and non-tire products.
It is the author’s experience derived from teaching a number of rubber-related courses over several decades that much relevant and useful rubber literature is underutilized, resulting in reinvention of the wheel.
This book, which incorporates extensive bibliographies in most of its sections, can be read by individual section of interest or in its entirety. The reader is encouraged to obtain relevant references to broaden his or her reach.

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