Contemporary Europe, 2nd Edition

The book offers a very clear introduction to a wide variety of important themes concerning the development of Europe over the past decade, with an excellent balance between general material and illustrative, detailed case studies. Dr John Greenaway, Senior Lecturer, University of East Anglia, UK. The second edition is even better than the first – a really comprehensive approach to the whole of Europe from social, political, economic and cultural perspectives, at an analytical level that postgraduate students will appreciate while being fully accessible to new undergraduates. June Burnham, Senior Lecturer in European Government, Middlesex University, UK

Wydawca: Macmillan
Typ okładki: okładka miękka
Liczba stron: 308
Wymiary: 19×24,5 cm
Waga: 632
EAN: 9781403945679
Data wydania: 21-06-2007
Kategorie: książki obcojęzyczne > angielskie

Cena w sklepie: 97.00 zł

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