A Million Little Pieces

At the age of 23, James Frey woke up on a plane to find his four front teeth knocked out, his nose broken, and a hole through his cheek. He had no idea where the plane was headed nor any recollection of the past two weeks. An alcoholic for ten years and a crack addict for three, he checked into a treatment facility shortly after landing. There he was told he could either stop using or die before he reached age 24. This is Frey`s acclaimed account of his six weeks in rehab.

Wydawca: Anchor Books
Typ okładki: okładka miękka
Liczba stron: 433
Wymiary: 13×20,5 cm
Waga: 198
EAN: 9780307276902
Data wydania: 05-04-2006
Kategorie: książki obcojęzyczne > angielskie

Cena w sklepie: 62.00 zł

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